Comedian Shang

Wed, Dec 12, 2018
Thu, Dec 13, 2018

Comedian Shang

SHANG, a transplanted New Yorker whose carefully

nurtured evolution from stand-up comedy to socio-political satire gives heavy flight to the spoken and outspoken word. The Famecast Comedy Winner, SHANG has been seen on HBO DEF JAM, & HBO ASPEN SPECIAL, CBS’S THE LATE LATE SHOW, 2 BET'S COMIC VIEW SPECIALS, STARZ 1ST AMENDMENT & STAAND UP, ABC’S COMIC’S UNLEASHED, NBC’S “HEROES”, CBS’S “CSI” “ “NCIS” QUE’ LOCOS, & COMEDY CENTRAL, GOTHAM LIVE. Also this fall you can see him on the new show “Kamkazee Comedy” On FUELTV. With 1.8 million sign ups thru his website Shang will continue to rise to the top of the comedy ranks with high-profile acting & televised stand up & personal appearances & 1 Hr. Comedy special
“Shang is SHANGRY! Will premier in 2018.

“This guy kills, leaving the audience rolling!”-DVD VERDICT

“Provocative, Edgy, Political and Extremely Funny”- LA TIMES