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Lil Duval

After moving to Atlanta, Powell started working in the comedic circles, performing stand-up at the Atlanta staple, Uptown Comedy Corner, which led him to become a regular performer.[citation needed]

After performing at the Oakland Bay Area Competition in 2001, Powell was approached by Cedric the Entertainer's road manager and was invited to perform on the Budweiser tour featuring Cedric and four additional comedians. Powell was then invited by Cedric to perform on his television special Cedric the Entertainer: Starting Lineup.

In 2003, he released the underground comedy DVD Dat Boy Funny, which also featured several upcoming comedians featuring colorful sketch pieces and parodies mocking events in pop culture. The following year, Powell became a regular featured performer on three seasons of BET’s ComicView. Powell released his second DVD Put Your Hands on Me in 2005. That same year he appeared in Three 6 Mafia's independent film, Choices II: The Setup, as well as being featured on various skits of the film's soundtrack.

Duval will also be starring as "Bam-Bam" in the comedy-drama film, School Dance.

Duval is well known for starting the Twitter trend #itaintrape which has gained popularity ever since. In 2010, Duval tweeted: “#itaintrape if u naked of Yo Twitter profile pic”, “#itaintrape if I’m paying child support”, “Lmao RT @MrCashFanatic: @lilduval #itaintrape if she doesn’t remember it.”

Duval is also known for coining the term "basic bitch".[citation needed]

Duval is also known for the term "Wat Dat Mouf Do?". He released his first solo single and music video on April 1, 2014 entitled "Wat Dat Mouf Do?" featuring Trae tha Truth. He also made popular the term "rich broke" which is the name he uses for his clothing line.

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